New Anti-Smoking Laws In France To Be Implemented


France’s Health Minister Marisol Touraine said in an interview that in France that they plan to ban smoking in such public places as parks, beaches and near schools,

In an interview which Touraine gave to France’s Journal du Dimanche, he told about several new anti-smoking measures that are going to be implemented as part of large anti-tobacco campaign.

Marisol Touraine said she wanted personally to visit smoke-free areas in French towns and cities. These areas include parks, beaches, university campuses and areas in front of schools.

She finds it abnormal when parents smoke cigarettes while their children play near them in parks.

Another anti-smoking measure to be introduced is placing on cigarette packages warnings about smoking effects on pregnant women.

The minister says that it is important to put into action anti-tobacco policies in order to change the relationship with tobacco. .

In recent years in France there were introduced a number of anti-smoking measures designed to reduce tobacco use in the country. These include tax increase on cigarettes and smoking ban in enclosed public spaces which came into action in 2007.

In spite of these measures, latest data shows that since the ban was introduced in the country, the number of smokers was increased, especially among youth.

Besides this, in May Touraine said that the French government plans to ban the smoking of e-cigarettes in enclosed public places.

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