New App to Prevent Teenagers From Smoking

Teenagers and Smoking

IT developers created a new app to encourage teenagers keep away from smoking cigaretes and teach behavioural skills to help them stand from pro-tobacco pressures.

The new app is available free on the Apple iTunes Store. It helps to prevent teenagers from smoking and motivates them to quit if they already smoke cigarettes.

Alexander Prokhorov,, the designer and professor in the Department of Behavioral Science at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center said that the app combines interactive games and comics with education.

Teenagers would appreciate colorful animated characters and cool tunes. It is available for iOS platforms and it is good not only for teenagers but also for people who have never smoked, who want to quit, who has difficulty quitting and those are not interested in quitting.

The app presents gaming activities that highlight quitting smoking tips aimed to the teenage users. In one game the user’s task is to give away different temptations to smoke. Temptations are represented by objects which quickly move around the smartphone screen.

Another game suggests teensagers to match two pairs of cards that have photos of smoking efffects such as yellow teeth, stained fingers, bad breath.

Prokhorov said that  each element of the app was precisely, designed with teenagers in mind, because most of them are very particular about their look and image and don’t understand that smoking can affect their look before they develop cancer.

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