New Quit Smoking App Launched in Switzerland

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The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) in Switzerland launched a new  personalised application for smartphones which will help smokers quit their habit by communication with a person who supports them in this attempt.

The app is called SmokeFree Buddy. According to FOPH, they wanted to create an app that would encourage people quit their habit by putting them in touch with a family member of close friend who will offer his support. It is very important to get support in the first weeks of quitting.

Also there is an option to interact with other smoker who attempts to quit. Both smokers will encourage and support each other.

Data demonstrates that 57% of people smoking on the regular basis would like to quit. Experts claim that the chance of successful quitting increases when smoker receives support from a close person.

The app along with information and professional approach make part of a large anti-smoking campaign launched in Switzerland at the beginning of current year which aims to reduce smoking rates in the country.

In 2013 survey nearly 25% of the Swiss population told they use cigarettes. Health care providers say that 85% of them suffer from a kind of a smoking related disease.

Data shows that those trends remain steady in the country and the government wants to reduce them.

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