New Zealand Considering Plain Packaging Law

Plain Cigarettes packs

Anti-smoking activists in New Zealand want the Government to accelerate implementation of plain cigarette packaging law.

First country that introduced standard packs for cigarettes is Australia. Then its example was followed by Ireland. Britain is another country who is considering similar legislation.

Though New Zealand long ago started discussions on plain packaging law, the country achieved less progress in this. At the same time tobacco industry showed great opposition to the move.

The New Zealand Government supports plain packaging and at the same time analyzes progresses of Australia in order to get best of it.

However, tobacco companies does not support the initiative and impede passing of the law in every possible way. Tobacco industry even sends threats to the Government in connection with the proposed law.  Health Ministry says that a legal battle could cost almost $8 million.

Stephanie Erick from organization Action on Smoking and Health told that delay puts New Zealand behind in plain packaging. She says that we should not allow tobacco industry to score off in this battle.

Robert Beaglehole, professor at the University of Auckland, claims that plain packaging in Australia had had a positive effect in reducing tobacco sales, and has a huge impact on youth.

Besides plain packagins, New Zealand is looking for other ways to reduce smoking in the country by 2025.

Generally, anti-smoking activists say that cigarettes in plain packs will discourage young people from lighting up.

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