New Zealand to Introduce Plain Cigarettes Packs


Tariana Turia, the Associate Minister for Health in New Zealand that the Bill introducing Plain Packaging for cigarettes is being widely discussed in their country. Tobacco companies should understand that the Government seriously wants to reduce number of smoking-related diseases.

Cigarettes packed in plain packs are expected to be less attractive to youth which will prevent them from buying cigarettes. The Bill is expected to reduce tobacco use not only among teenagers and kids but also among adults. Numerous studies showed that people are attracted to smoking by beautiful cigarettes packages.

The tobacco industry does not stay at one place. Tobacco comapnies always create new cigarettes brands, new marketing strategies, new advertsements. They always try to impose to people that smoking is cool part of their lives, saying nothing about negative effects of long-term tobacco use. However, health experts are concerned about smoking effects on human body.

Tariana Turia says that New Zealand has its right to protect their cotizens and tobacco companies cannot impose their rules to the nation. Tobacco companies perfectly do understand and know that branding is part of the appeal of their tobacco products. Their cigarettes packed in beautiful and glamourous packs are attractive to young people who are most vulnerable representatives of soceity.

Ban of tobacco products display in stores showed its effectiveness and it is makes an important part of anti-tobacco measures set. After a cigarette pack is bought, it is  displayed up to 20 times a day and frequently is left in front of young people who get interested with the tobacco product they see in a beautiful pack. Thus there is a need to prevent youth from that.

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