More New Zealanders Are Now Free From Tobacco

A year after the introduction of the three-staged tobacco tax increase, new research from The Quit Group confirms that the tax increase resulted in a surge of New Zealanders attempting to quit smoking, with many still quit six months later.

Free from tobacco

Free from tobacco

The Quit Group’s survey focused on smokers who had contacted the national Quitline in the month following the April 28 tobacco tax increase. The same group of people were surveyed again six months later to assess their success in quitting smoking.

“The overall finding from our research is that in May 2010, 93% more people called the Quitline than in May 2009. Even with the extra demand for our services, the six month quit success rate of 17.2% was comparable to Quitline’s standard quit success measure of 20.9%

“The key outcome is that there were 59% more people successfully quit at six months than there would have been without the tax increase. This means that 250 New Zealanders no longer smoke and have freed themselves from this powerful addiction,” says The Quit Group’s Market Research and Communications Manager, Bruce Bassett.

He continues: “This research highlights the impact price increases can have on smoking behaviour. However, smoking is still a difficult habit to break and requires personal commitment and quality support services.

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