No Smoking in Indian Trains


People who to smoke cigarettes in train toilets, attention! The railway police of India is implementing a new anti-tobacco initiative against smoking in trains and nesides this will lead aw­areness programmes against tobacco consumption.

The increased number of complaints against tobacco consumption in Indian trai­ns, especially in general compartments, toilets, near the doors and passages between bogies, made railway police take measures against smoking in trains and introduce new rules which prohibit smoking in this popular public transport.

Thus railway workers will perform inspections in order to identify tobacco use zones.

C.Nagaraju, SP, Railways said that after that there will be developed a new law on tobacco use and its promotion among society as well.

Some time ago the railway police conducted an awareness programme on the security aspects of train travel. Nagaraju explained that passengers were informed about security options such as rail alert facility.

Besides thsi, they were informed about the possibility to send us complaints via SMS.

Due to the awareness programe, the railways received a feedback from a great number of passengers.

Many people were informed about the rail alert facility of the Kerala police, but they did not know that such facilities also work outside the state.

Many suggestions, including the need for police personnel in all bogies, was also called for.

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