Norway: No Smoking on Balconies

Smoking on Balcony

Bærum, an suburb of Oslo, developed a new condominium project which would prohibit tobacco use on balconies and in the garden terraces of apartments on the first floor of housing buildings. Developers of the project say that people often complain on tobacco smoke that enters their units.

Philip Stephansen, manager of Backe Prosjekt AS, explained that the decision to create such a project came naturally after a great number of complaints regarding neighbours smoking on their balconies and the smoke from their cigarettes entering other apartments. The new project is going to help solve the problem.

Buyers participating in the project entitled Eiksparken, which will have 66 apartments, must say yes to refusal from cigarettes use on their garden terraces and balconies. Normally when a resident smokes on his balcony the cigarette smoke enters neighbouring units via windows.

At the moment the project is in form of draft as the construction begins in 2016.

Accosing to official data, up to date the project sold 25 units. Smoke-free policy does not doscourage people from buying. Residents welcome the idea and believe that such smoke-free policy would become trendy soon.

Some housing buildings in the city of Tromsø have installed special signs discouraging people from smoking in balconies. Selling apartments with such policies seems quite unusual. Civil rights activists ask how can anyone prohibit someone to light up in a democratic state.

In Norway is in place strict anti-smoking legislation which does not allow tobacco use in many outdoor spaces.

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