Philip Morris Endangering Kids

Tobacco giant Philip Morris is doing its best to get its hands on research about teen smoking, and along the way encouraging some U.K. academics to violate ethical standards.

Writes the Telegraph’s Andrew Hough in “Philip Morris: tobacco firm using FOI laws to access secret academic data“:

Philip Morris International logo

Philip Morris International logo

Philip Morris International has tried to force the University of Stirling to hand over secret data into teenage smoking and cigarette packaging gathered over more than a decade. … The manufacturers behind the popular Marlboro brand have used Freedom of Information laws to [attempt to] gain access [to] about 6000 confidential interviews undertaken with teenagers as young as 13, which discuss their views on smoking and tobacco….

It’s a shocking move on Philip Morris’s part, even just from a PR point of view. To be seen seeking information that the company clearly hopes to use in marketing to children will do nothing to improve anyone’s opinion of the firm or the industry.

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