Philip Morris Obtained a Patent for a Nicotine System

Cigarette producer Philip Morris International Inc. has obtain the patent to a technology that permits users inhale nicotine without smoking. The given patent is for a special aerosol nicotine-delivery system created by the Jed Rose, manager of the Center for Nicotine and Smoking Cessation Research.

“By eluding the burning process altogether, finding a way of offering smokers nicotine to inhale but without dangerous additives that we can lower the death and various diseases related to smoking,” stated Rose, who conducted the first studies in the 1980s that helped prepare the ground for commercial nicotine patches as a treatment for quitting smoking.

Niconovum Zonnic innnvative tobacco-product

“I hope that very soon the process of inhaling burning tobacco will become a thing of the past.”

Rose declared that the following step is up to Philip Morris International, with representations in New York, Lausanne and Switzerland to create a commercial product apply this technology.

The given system differs from available on the market medical nicotine inhalers because it delivers nicotine more quickly in order to imitate the nicotine hit a cigarette offers to a smoker.

“Other methods of delivering nicotine have proved to be ineffective in assuring smokers with the satisfaction they desire,” Rose stated.

The given move is a rather important step in our attempts to produce products that may help to decrease the risk of smoking related diseases,” Doug Dean, Philip Morris International’s spokesman stated in an interview.

“It may take approximately three to five years to create such product that would be considered a good alternative to regular cigarettes,” he added.

Philip Morris shares have increased 93 cents, or more than 1%, to $70.42 in recent trading.

A month ago British American Tobacco created an affiliated company called Nicoventures aimed on nicotine alternatives. In 2009, Reynolds American Inc. bought Swedish company Niconovum that is engaged in production of popular nicotine gums, pouches and special sprays that help people quit smoking.

“It is well known that people smoke because of nicotine, a very addictive substance. But here raises a question can we offer the nicotine without the smoke in a way that will be acceptable by users,” stated David Sweanor, a Canadian tobacco expert.

“All changes in the regulatory system are creating an environment where competitive forces will influence the market significantly,” Sweanor stated.

About 6 million people die annually from tobacco consumption, from both direct use and secondhand smoke, according to findings presented by the World Health Organization.

Philip Morris International was spun off from Richmond in March 2008.

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