Plain Cigarette Packs in Australia Have not Led to Fall in Smoking

plain ciggarette pack

In the UK there was conducted a study on what impacts on smoking rates may have introduction of plain cigarettes packs. Last week David Cameron promised to analyze  Australian experience which first introduced plain packs for cigarettes along with large health warnings on them.

In July current year the Prime Minister faced protests when he proposed to delay the initiative which caused discontent among health care providers and Labour.  And now he wants plain packs to be introduced before the next general election.

KPMG by demand of Imperial Tobacco Australia, British American Tobacco Australiaa and Philip Morris examined the impact in Australia.

Also it found that tobacco use has not decreased and since 2009 there has not been a decline.  Famous cigarettes brands without health warnings are sold for a price of A$6 (£3.50 a pack) that is much lower than same legal brands.  It puts its market share of total manufactured cigarette use higher than that of leading brand Camel.

It suggests that smokers are very attracted by packet designs and cigarettes logos. In November there was published a statistics by Revenue and Customs which showed Britain’s trade in black tobacco market was increasing.

Another research revealed that the majority of shop owners in Australia said the change had hurt their trade.. 78% of them also said it took longer to serve customers and 65% had sold the wrong cigarette brand due to difficulty in distinguishing between packets.

All cigarette brands are packed in plain brown boxes with health warning images.  Jeff Rogut, of Australia’s stores association, told that the idea of plain cigarettes packs is going to have serious financial ramifications for store owners.

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