Plan to make cigarettes ‘foul tasting’

A 10-point plan that anti-smoking lobbyists in Australia submitted to the federal health department and obtained by the Courier Mail includes legislating for ‘foul tasting’ cigarettes.

Burned out Cigarette

A burned-out cigarette

According to a Courier Mail story relayed by the TMA, the plan includes also the provision of financial incentives to help people stop smoking; the introduction of licenses for smokers; an increase in the age requirement, and mandatory limits similar to that proposed for problem gamblers.

It wasn’t clear from the précis of the story seen by Tobacco Reporter whether the licenses, age requirement and mandatory limits applied to purchases, consumption or both.

One other item mentioned in the story was ‘smokeless nicotine’, but again it wasn’t clear what the intention was in respect of ‘smokeless nicotine’.

But it was clear that the plan called for an end to smoking in Australia within 15 years.

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