No Pains in Pregnancy with No-Smoking

Pregnant women who continue to smoke can harm only their health and the health of their fetus. A recent study found that smoking in pregnancy can increase the risks of pelvic pain.

pregnancy and smoking

Recently Danish scientists investigated 5,000 women during and after pregnancy. At the end of investigation they found that those women who smoked during pregnancy were 20 percent more likely to have pregnancy-related pelvic pain than non-smokers.

So, the pelvic pain was defined as a pain that was at least important enough to affect a woman’s ability to walk.

The same risk was seen even among women who quitted smoking during the first trimester, according to new findings.

As it is known pelvic pain is a common problem especially pregnancy. Recent studies showed that anywhere from 14 percent to 33 percent of women can have this pain, most often in the second half of pregnancy.
The pain can make turn activities, like walking, getting up from a chair or even turning over in bed. So, it is very important to limit the risk of developing such a pain, if possible only by quitting smoking.

The recent findings show a link between smoking and pelvic pain, but unfortunately do not prove causes and effects of this link. So, the pelvic pain is another of many other reasons for women to quit their smoking habit especially if they are planning a pregnancy.

As it is known, smoking cigarettes during pregnancy is also linked to high risks of misbirth, low birth weight and other complications during pregnancy period. And the main reason for women to quit before pregnancy is for the health of their future child.

Health scientists again showed another possible result of smoking during pregnancy.

Even if the Danish scientists found that smoking is a risk factor for pregnancy-related pelvic pain, being a non-smoker is no guarantee that a woman will not have the same problem.

So, it is not clear yet why smoking might contribute to pelvic pain during pregnancy.

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