President Zeman Would Not Veto Anti-Smoking Bill

Milos Zeman

Milos Zeman, the President of Czech Republic, told during his visit to the Plzen Region that he would not put veto on the proposed expanding of no-smoking law which prohibits total use of tobacco in all restaurants and bars in the country. Also he said that he supports moderate restrictions to be applied on smokers. He would sign the anti-smoking bill, if passed by parliament.

Milos Zeman aged 70 is a former heavy smoker who used cigarettes biggest part of his life. Due to diabetes, doctors adviced him to quit smoking or at least to reduce number of cigarettes and amount of alcohol he normally uses. That is the reason he understands smokers and also takes into consideration their opinions.

In 2013 Zeman visited Philip Morris plant in Kutna Hora, central Bohemia, and told that smoking presents no health risks if started at an age over 27. After that he was criticized by anti-smoking activists for that statement.

Moreover, in 2013 he came out against the EU tobacco directive. He told that it is more important to keep working positions in tobacco indistry and this should prevail the idea of restrictiong use of tobacco.

Finance Minister Andrej Babis in collaboration with Health Minister Svatopluk Nemecek prepared a bill restricting smoking. Also they worked over the bills that  restrict use of alcohol and drugs. They say that generally public is prepared for these restrictions.

Most EU countries do not allow smoking in some public spaces. However, the Czech Republic made not big progresses here. In 2006 the country prohibited use of cigarettes in cinemas, schools, sport facilities, public transport. Besides this, restaurants were obliged to indicate if they are smoking, partially smoking or non-smoking. All further attemps to expand smoking ban just failed.

Milos Zeman supports the idea of smoking and non-smoking zones in restaurants saying it is better way to satisfy everyone’s needs.

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