Proposal to Ban Flavored Tobacco in Canada

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Canadian Health Minister Doug Currie proposed to ban use of candy-flavoured tobacco products in the country.  Currie told he sent a letter with his proposal to Health Canada.  James Aylward, the representative of the opposition MLA, proposed MLAs to support the ban of candy-flavored tobacco products in the province and the proposal passed unanimously.

Today candy-flavoured tobacco products are banned from selling on Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) to young people under the age of 19. New initiative suggests to ban totally candy-flavored tobacco products.

On the maket flavoured tobacco products are represented by cigarillos, cigars, spit tobacco, menthol cigarettes, waterpipe tobacco.

Currie says that currently there’s no law in the country to prohibit candy-flavoured cigarettes but there is provines try to change the situation and P.E.I. is one of them.

As a Minister, he encourages Health Canada to implement ban on the candy-flavoured products in the entire country.

However, now first step is to make sure that stores do not sell any tobacco products to underage.

Latest data showed that there was increased use of candy-flavoured tobacco products among young people in Canada. Aylward said he is worried by this fact. In 2013 a survey demonstrated that more than half of Canadian high school students  tried smoking flavoured tobacco products.

Experts say that young people are attracted by these products by their bright packaging and flavours. For example, Kiss cigarettes have a variety with magic taste of Mohito.

According to Aylward, the problem is serious and the government must do something to reduce the use of flavored cigarettes by youth.

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