People Will Quit Smoking after 40 Years

Smokers will give up smoking in 40 years. The experts of Citygroup came to such conclusion in consequence of statistical data processing on the number of smokers in different countries. The fact is that the number of smokers fell by 9.4% worldwide over the last decade, but the number of amateurs of hemp has increased by 13,7%, it is only those who openly say about it.

A woman quits smoking

A woman quits smoking

The population of developed countries will give up smoking completely to 2050. The Citygroup company specialists had conducted the study, processed the data on the number of smokers in countries around the world. According to their calculations, over the past decade, smoking people worldwide are almost 10% less. For example, in Britain, where 50 years ago the percentage of smokers was the highest, now only 20% of the population is addicted to nicotine. The same percentage is in Belgium, Finland, Norway and the United States. Citygroup notes reducing trend of cigarette amateurs in recent years in Russia.

In particular, dependence on nicotine was maximal in the United Kingdom in 1960. The analysts of Citygroup has reported that the number of smokers is declining quite rapidly, reaching in 2008 about 20 percent. The same tendency is observed in Russia, where the number of smokers gradually began to decline.

According to the survey data, the number of smokers has fallen by 9.4% worldwide over the past decade.

It is important to note that in mid-December 2010 deputies have submitted for consideration in State Duma the law project “On Restriction of Tobacco Smoking”, prepared in accordance with the anti-tobacco framework convention of the World Health Organization and the Russian concept of reducing tobacco consumption.

The leader among the “smoking” countries is Russia. According to the World Health Organization, up to half a million people, what comprises 17%, die because of this dangerous habit each year.

At the same time, Citigroup believes that the tobacco industry will be able to increase their profits in about 2020, mainly due to higher prices for cigarettes.

In the course of the study scientists found that the percentage of smokers is becoming lower each year. According to experts, if this tendency continues, then smoking people won’t be in developed countries on average by 2050.

The scientists said that the basic problem of mankind in this area is smoking adolescents and children, the percentage of which is quite large, especially in Russia. If an adult can understand the harmful effects of this activity, the boys and girls choose smoking as a forbidden fruit, which, as they say, will always be sweet.

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