Russia considers ban on smoking in public places

Promoters of a ban on smoking in public areas gathered at the streets on the day to demonstrate support, as Russia’s authority considered the proposal.

If it is passed, from 2015 smoking will be banned in public places indoors and outdoors – everywhere.

Taxes on tobacco products will as well be increased.

Russian Smoker

Russian woman smoking a cigarette

Russia is the second biggest tobacco market all over the world.

The measure could result in less people smoking said Moscow resident Olga: “Maybe people will begin thinking about the risks of smoking and effects of secondhand smoke.

Perhaps it will encourage people to give up smoking.”

Provisions for people who smoke need to be considered, according to Lena, who also is the citizen of Russia.

She said that she agrees with smoking ban, but to prohibit smoking in public places, it has to be offered an alternative. For example, creating smoking booths.

Half a million people in Russia suffer yearly from tobacco-related illnesses – and there is expect the law will reduce this number of smokers and improve life expectancy.

Duma deputy Dmitry Nosov said that as the experience of all of the developed countries demonstrates, the experience of Europe, when the regulations are passed and start to work, life changes for the better.

The worth of Russia’s tobacco market was determined at over seventeen billion euros in 2011 (Euromonitor International), and a number of cigarette makers are demanding for less strict laws.

Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev in October introduced an anti-smoking campaign via a video blog.

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