Russian Bill Banning Public Smoking Submitted to Parliament

On October 30, the Russian Federation submitted an anti-tobacco legislation to Parliament as it looks for controlling smoking and struggling resistance from tobacco companies.

As outlined in a document from October 29 and posted on October 30 on the government’s site, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called Deputy Health Minister Sergei Velmyaikin to take action as a liaison with legislators.

Smoking Russian Girl

A girl smoking in a street in Moscow

“People will leave the legislators no chance,” Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets said on October 18. “People want to live in a smoke-free Russia and be responsible for their own health. In that sense the cigarette legislation meets the general paradigm of Russia’s progress.”

Russia is the world’s second-biggest market for tobacco companies after China. The Russian government suggested actions that will ban all cigarette advertising and sponsorship as well as sale of tobacco products in kiosks, with bans on sale in small retail outlets and smoking in public places becoming operational January 1, 2015.

Russia, which has as well lifted alcohol taxes as element of efforts to strengthen its population’s health, prefers the law passed this year, as outlined by Olga Golodets.

Tobacco ocmopnaies such as Philip Morris International Inc., British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco Inc. and Imperial Tobacco Group Plc, which regulate 93% of the Russian tobacco market, addicted women and children on smoking, Medvedev said on October 16, vowing to crack down on the habit.

British American Tobacco, the biggest tobacco company in Europe, dropped as much as 0.5% and was trading down 0.1% at 3,123.5 pence.

Imperial Tobacco, the manufacturer of the premium-class Davidoff cigarettes, which revealed higher operating income on October 30, increased 1.5% at 2,367 pence.

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