Sale of cigarettes banned in Goa

Goa will be the first state in the country to ban the use of tobacco products along with its sale and storage when the ban becomes operational from October. This decision has come following the land markjudgement issued by the Bombay high court on July 13, 2011.

Goa authority has urged all stores, establishments and eating outlets not to market tobacco products in any form.

Tobacco Products

Tobacco related products

The establishments have been obliged “sell tobacco products in the form of cigarettes, cigars, biddies, gutka, hukkah, etc” failing which they would be “dealth with severely as per the law”, the state government said statement in a statement.

All the new premises will be asked not to sell tobacco products. It will be possible only under a condition if they get license.

The Goa government has ordered all the government agencies particularly the municipalities, panchayats, health centres, tourism agencies, food and drugs administration to inform all their auxiliary offices, who are connected with the issue of NOC, approvals and licences for eating outlets in Goa, to firstly implement a particular conditions, for NOC, approvals and licences that the eating houses or establishments should not store or sell any tobacco or tobacco related products.

It was as well said in the official statement that that the state government has also urged these agencies to keep their own way of verifying the compliances. The police department is as well obliged to have special control drives particularly during late evening for revelation of operation of such hookah lounges/bars and register the lawbreakers according to the law.

The instructions are released in connection with an order of the Bombay bench of the high court of Bombay in July last. Dr Shekhar Salkar, president of NOTE, has long been requiring ban on cigarettes and other tobacco related products.

As well, gutka is banned in much of India. This month the capital, Delhi, imposed its own ban, following 11 other states.

The retail dealer who make a living from selling the gutka appear obedient to the new measure. A seller has sold gutka, cigarettes from a stall in Delhi’s Saket neighbourhood many years. Though he got 200 to 250 rupees (£2.25 to £2.85) a day from sale of gutka – a considerable part of his revenue – he supports the ban.


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