Second-hand smoking

When nonsmoking people inhale tobacco smoke, they receive passive smoking. Although now all over the world people are adopting laws, restricting smoking in public places where smoke may be inhaled by non-smokers, the possibility of exposure to secondhand smoke is still quite high. This may occur in the family in relation to children, at work or on vacation in the smoking company. Is it dangerous unintentionally inhaled smoke?

second-hand smoking affects children

second-hand smoking affects children

There is a lot of information about the danger of smoking. All over the world smokers pay more for their health insurance – insurance companies also limit their risks. Physicians proved that standing within eight hours in smoke-filled room for a nonsmoker is equivalent to smoking five cigarettes. Taking into account the average rate of the average smoker (20 cigarettes per day), it is not so little. During this time the body gets 14 milligrams of carcinogens. These substances are trapped in the lung tissue for up to 70 days.

While smoking, the major part of a cigarette smoke gets into the environment. The period between drags is much longer that smoke standing time in the lungs of a smoker. The content of ammonia in a smoke is more in 45 times, of nicotine in 50 times and of carbon monoxide in 5 times. It is because of this reason, it is recorded the death of 3,400 passive smokers from lung cancer every year in the world, about 45,000 – from cardiovascular disease. Women’s standing in the smoking environment increases their risk of heart disease fatalities by 91 percent. If a woman is in such an environment from time to time, this probability drops to 58 percent.

Men have to know that if their wives are next them and continuously inhale smoke of cigarettes, then the probability of dying from heart disease is increased by almost 100 percent!

The overall mortality rate in families, where one of the partners smoke, increases by 20 percent. Another unpleasant effect of the tobacco smoke was revealed not long ago. The study showed that second-hand smoking contributes to the development of depression which is unexplained and difficult to treat. The problem is in increased nicotine level in the blood of nonsmokers, and this leads to a depressed state of mind and, even in some cases, to schizophrenia. Second-hand smoking negatively affects children. The result of passive smoking on babies consists in bronchitis, pneumonia and ear infection.

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