Shapes and sizes of cigarettes

Cigarettes are available in three standard sizes – regular, slims (though sometimes lightly thinner than usual), and superslims. The English word ‘slim’ firmly went into turn to describe slims and superslims cigarettes and pocket-size packs.

Most types and brands of slims cigarettes are often advertised and presented as female. However, it is necessary to mention at once that not only those varieties of cigarettes that manufacturers call “female”, are worth of your attention. Smokers should not blindly believe the slogan that was invented to promote a certain brand.

Filtered Cigarette

A cigarette

Cigarettes vary in length as well. The most common variant are the following: conventional (king size), 100 millimeters and 120 millimeters. Many cigarette makers represent the latest two variants as those created especially for women.

By reference to type and size of a cigarette, someone will make a choice in favor of its exterior attractiveness. Someone is guided by the simplicity of smoking. This is matter of each and every person. The choice should be made according to the favoured taste, preferences and just moment mood. The choice if cigarettes can be associated with the choice of jewelry as it should be in accord with your appearance and must make an impression.

In order to feel better while smoking in public, previously try different styles of smoking, find good smoking images, experiment with cigarettes of different types, lengths and colors. Actually, the most important thing is not to forget about the taste of cigarettes. So, not only exterior attractiveness, but also the sensations of smoking play an important role. Remember, each cigarette brand provides its taste. It can appear a situation when you should make a decision either in favor of cigarette appearance or taste.

Filters are not available in many varieties, but still differ. There are entirely white filters, the most wide spread and colored filters (sometimes with a picture), and filters that differ in color from the rest of the cigarette. And again you should make a decision what filter is the most appropriate for you. Many cigarette manufacturers provide rich cigarette portfolio and many cigarette brands are really presentable.

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