Singapore: Designated Smoking Areas in Nee Soon South

Designated Smoking Areas in Nee Soon South

Nee Soon South is one of 6 designated smoking areas launched in the town on January 5 in order to make the town smoke-free. Looks like a perfect way to bring smokers together, isn’t it?

In many Singapore cities smoking is banned at bus shelters, sheltered walkways, and common areas of residential buildings, however, smokers in Nee Soon South are lucky that they have special sheltered corners where they may smoke cigarettes. They do have even pathways leading to them! Smokers in Nee Soon South are prohibited to light up at public areas other than  the designated smoking corners.

The National Environment Agency, the Health Promotion Board and Nee Soon South CC told that establishment of six designated smoking areas in the town will help to improve the air quality at communal spaces in the neighbourhood. Nee Soon South is the first in Singapore to establish itself as a smoke-free zone. The town will continue to implement other anti-smoking measures.

A number of smokers has been criticised the move.. For example, Ravin Kumar, a polytechnic student from Bedok, who smokes cigarettes considers it is silly to send smokers to these new corners to light up and generally iy is impossible to make a community smoke-free.

In January 2013, in Singapore smoking was banned at overhead pedestrian bridges , sheltered places and areas within hospitals. Smokers are permitted to smoke 5 meters away from bus shelters and shopping mall entrances . In case the rules are violated, there must be paid a fee of 1,000.

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