Singapore Fights Smoking in Schools

Singapore Teens

Seems like in Singapore things with youth smoking become worse as more schools start using special detection devices to prevent students from smoking cigarettes.

Legal age to start smoking in the country is 18. In 2014, were caught more than 6,200 underage people including children from primary schools. Health Sciences Authority (HSA) revealed that it is 17% more than in 2013.

The bigger part of young people caught smoking had an age between 15 and 17. HSA considers that the increased percentage of caught smokers under 18 is a result of greater efforts for the anti-smoking enforcement.

A 36-year-old teacher told that in the school she worked for years, she noted a growing number of student smokers. Many kids start smoking in primary school and by secondary school they smoke up to 10 cigarettes a day! Usually, kids choose hidden corners and toilets to light up.

Chestnut Drive and Greenridge secondary schools use special portable devices to measure the level of carbon monoxide which helps to detect if students smoke tobacco. These devices help to detect tobacco use from one to two days back.

Representative of Health Promotion Board (HPB) told that thse detecting devices are used in schools in quit smoking programs.

Regent Secondary School wants to place tobacco smoke detectors in the common zones of five of its male toilets.  These smart detectors would send smoking alerts to  the school’s general office and staff members via mobile phone.

T. C. Lim owns the company which distributes tobacco smoke detectors. He says that these devices are on the market for years and now their popularity is on peak. Each device costs from $500 to $700, and a toilet needs at least two devices.

Authorities belive that use of tobacco smoke detecting devices will help to discourage  kids from smoking.

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