Councilors ban smokers from adopting children

There would be a new turn in the war against smoking. The authorities have once again made life excruciating for smokers infringing their right to adopt children.

In accordance with the regulation recently signed by Manchester City Council, smokers would be soon banned from adopting, tutoring or fostering children.

Therefore, under the new legislation, social services would refuse to let smoking families to adopt infants under the age of two; in the case with older children smokers would have to legally sign an agreement not to smoke inside a house where a fostered child is living.

Children and secondhand smoking

Manchester City Councilor Julia Newman, executive member for children’s services declared that by the new law councilors underlined that they have given the priority to health of adopted children in the present moment and as well in the future.

She stated that when adopting the regulation councilors have taken into consideration the fact that infants and older minors could already have health problems and have suffered from neglecting before they were adopted, thus it was council’s duty to give them opportunity improve their health when they got in their new, foster homes being not exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke and complications related to it.

“We would strongly encourage all parents of young children not to smoke and to seek help to give up smoking to protect their own health and that of their children.” Councilor Julia Newman added.

The newly approved regulation has been heavily criticized by Freedom Organization for the Right to Enjoy Smoking (Forest), the smokers’ rights group, which declared that new ban was similar to “exorcising” smoking people from society and depriving them of their fundamental rights being full-fledged members of that society.

Simon Clark, Forest Group Chairman stated that the recent regulation had nothing in common with health, since it was another attempt to isolate smokers and even ostracize them from their normal life and society. The ban would infringe one of fundamental rights of every human being – the right of becoming a parent by adopting children.

Mr. Clark added that people who had a wish to become fosters, tutors and adopters had been aware of all the health complications of children and thus have been entrusted to take care of the children and young people’ health. It was not so important whether they have been smoking or not, because the most important thing was their desire to do their best to improve health, emotional state and well-being of the children they had taken care of.

He also indicated that the number of foster tutors has already begun to declining. Therefore, the aforementioned regulation would contribute to further decrease by discriminating many people and depriving their right to become fosters.

As a conclusion it might be mentioned that the only people who would actually suffer from these “careful councilors” would be the children who were stripped of their right to be adopted and finally have parents who would love them.

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