Smokers in Paris Get Free Pocket Ashtrays

Cigarette Butts

Paris, the capital of France, wants to fight cigarette butts on the streets by providing ashtrays to smokers. Thus there will be distributed 15,000 pocket ashtrays to Parisioans and tourists as a measure to reduce pollution in the city. Starting from October 1, smokers caught throwing cigarette butts on the ground will be subjected to a fine of 68 euros. The measure talkes part from city’s large anti-smoking campaign.

It was estimated that annually around 350 tonnes of cigarette butts are thrown on Parisian streets. One cigarette butt is decomposed from 4 to 12 years and during this time it will discharge toxic substances into environment. Those substances have negative effects on flora, fauna and even water.

In May there was launched a serious awarness campaign and there were installed 30,000 litter bins across Paris and each has a cigarette extinguisher. Now the city is launching a new campaign aimed to encourage smokers to be more responsable.

Totally in Paris there will be distributed 15,000 pocket ashtrays for free to citizens and visitors.

Paris made deals with different public institutions that are affected by cigarettes pollution. For example, several universities along with the National Union of Hoteliers, Restaurateurs, and Caterers (SYNHORCAT), the CROUS, the Union of Ile-de-France tobacconists are all responsable for distributing the pocket ashtrays.

Mao Peninou, Deputy Mayor of Paris, told that cleanliness is something that touches everybody and it demands high vigilance from all people. Today no one is punished for throwing cigarette butts on the ground but in October things will change.

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