Smoking Ban in Beaufort Parks

Woman Smoking in Park

The next time you walk through Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park in Beaufort (South Carolina, USA), the policeman may ask you to snuff out your cigarette because these days the authorities of the city do discuss new rules for public parks. These discussions include smoking ban and specification of behavior rules for pets and their owners.

This week the authorities discussed during the City Council work session new changes and they followed the earlier ones related to Pigeon Point Park.

Most of suggestions will make park rules more clearer. For example, pets should walk with leashes no longer than 6 feet, pet owners should take more control over their animals and  listing cigarette butts in the section about litter. Now these are only sugggestions and council memebers are discussing penalties for violations.

Mike Sutton, the  councilman, said it is necessary to establish eash length more exactly. Besides this, he added it is not good time for banning smoking. His explanation is that today smokers are right-minded and when they light up a cigarette they move away from the crowd of people. Smoking in public places was banned in 2008 and Mike Sutton was against smoking ban in outdoor seating areas.

The main aim of councils of  Beaufort County is to ban smoking in all ounty-owned properties, and this includes parks.

George O’Kelley Jr, the  councilman, wants to specify ban on rinking alcohol in parks because often people buy a drink at a restaurant and drink it on the bank in park. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in parks and special signs are placed outside restaurants reminding patrons they cannot partake beyond a certain point.

Besides this, the authorities want to ban balloons in parks, saying they are environmental hazards.

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