Smoking Ban in City of Canandaigua


An anti-tobacco law which bans tobacco use within 100 feet of public playgrounds in the city of Canandaigua, New York, USA, will be discussed on City Council meeting that will take place on October 3.  The law is resulted from discussions on a potential smoking ban during 17 months. It is going to be introduced and brought up for discussion during the October meeting. The council could vote on the smoking ban during the November 7 meeting.

The suggestion of a tobacco ban was made for the first time in April 2012 by councilmember Karen White. A similar law to the one that will be introduced during the October meeting was touched on a summer meeting.

The lack of action has  troubled some council members.  Councilmember Meg Reston said during a Committee meeting discussion that he does not understand why it’s still in Ordinance. It is necessary to pass it.

Mostly, the delay was caused by disagreement among council members whether there should be just a policy or an ordinance. Some council members were against anti-tobacco law in general. They motivated their opinion by the argument that a anti-smoking law would break the rights of residents and tourists both.

Councilmembers White, Bill Taylor, Maria Bucci consider that smoking ban would  help improve the health of people and reduce the exposion to the secondhand smoke, along with litter from cigarette butts. In past meetings, Bucci said that a number of municipalities have already passed tobacco bans in public parks and playgrounds.

Taylor said that people have right to smoke cigarettes but they do not have the right to put other people at risk. Councilmember Jim Terwilliger expressed his opinion about enforcement of the ordinance. Other members of the council said it would be similar to how police controls the alcohol use in city parks.  Downtown Canandaigua property owner Mike Yarger is against smoking ban. He said, however, that he is not against the 100-foot tobacco use restriction from playgrounds.

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