Mixed Opinions about Smoking Ban

The smell of cigarette smoke will no longer mixed with the strong aroma of Southern food in Rockingham County restaurants. A recent legislation which banned smoking in restaurants and bars went into effect.
Local restaurant owners and managers accepted the new regulation.

Ross Hammond, a restaurant owner said: “We’re very stimulated about it. I expect to have a lot more business now.”

Caged smoker

Hammond declared that he hopes to make the changes to smoke-free as soon as possible but doesn’t hope to have problems with smokers waiting the short amount of time it takes them to eat at Mom’s Kitchen, usually 20 minutes, before going outside to smoke a cigarette.

As an ex-smoker, Hammond is convinced that food tastes better for a non-smoker.

Jimmy Cooke, manager of Short Sugar’s Pit Bar-B-Q in Reidsville, also supposed the business to pick up once the smoking ban goes into effect. He expected that more families with children would come into the restaurant to eat once smoking is prohibited.

“I think it’ll ameliorate business. I know that some of the employees don’t like it, but they’ll learn to like it,” he explained.

Even the employees will no longer be permitted to smoke on the restaurant’s premises, and they will have to smoke in their cars during their breaks.

Cooke also said that the smoking ban shouldn’t come as a shock, since various local restaurants made the decision to go smoke-free before the statewide smoking ban was approved. Among those restaurants is Pete’s Burgers & More in Reidsville, which decided to go smoke-free May 1, 2009.

But some Turk’s frequent clients showed their dissatisfaction with the smoking ban. They declared that they will go out to the bar and out to eat less frequently once the smoking ban goes into effect.

They added that they don’t think the law is fair, because the restaurants should just have a smoking area and a non-smoking section.

Drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette is all they want to do when go to their favorite bar, explained every day customers.

In general, the smoking ban was imposed only for health reasons. That’s why more and more people accepted it.

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