Smoking in the Car is Considered a Child Abuse

Those parents who smoke in cars in front of their small children are in fact “committing a form of child abuse”, a chief general practitioner has said.

Professor Steve Field, chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners has blamed society’s attitudes to food, alcohol and cigarettes.

Smoking in cars - a Child Abuse

In a statement he declared that parents must take more responsibility for their children’s health and set a good example for them.

He also stated that irresponsible behavior of parents led to high levels of various diseases and early death.
He called on parents, future mothers, the obese, smokers and drinkers to become a healthy example to follow for their children.

“I think that these people also smoke at home in front of their children. According to the received evidences from US more young children die from parental smoking than from all other unpremeditated injuries combined,” declared Professor Field, who represents 42,000 General Practitioners across the United Kingdom.

Previously other health experts called for smoking to be prohibited in cars when children are present, but recent government’s refusal to examine the present smoking legislation once again shows that some changes are unlikely.

“Under present circumstances adults should also take responsibility for their own health,” Professor Field said.
“The truth is that too many people, too often disregard too many aspects of their own personal health behavior and this leads to every day increasing levels of poor health and early death,” he added.

Public health is a highly charged and sensitive matter. It is not so easy to provide an appropriate balance between protecting people’s perceptiveness and communicating the incontrovertible facts about their personal behaviors, which eventually shorten their lives.

“We sincerely want people to be able to live healthy and productive lives as long as possible. But every day we are dealing with terrible diagnoses caused by smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and huge number of obesity.” he said.

He added: “People shouldn’t be offended if we tell them to lose weight, stop drinking or quit smoking. They have to face the facts and assume responsibility and only together we may help people live long, happy, productive and healthy lives”.

Reasonable, timely and appropriate measures may help make people well-informed about the potential risks they are exposed to or the harm they are doing to their children, families, relatives and surrounding persons can change their behavior or prevent immense damage.

Short-term measures have provided positive results, that is why it is necessary to implement longer-term measures and support in order to reach the best and longest-lasting effects.

The government has to set out its view on how to improve public health in a white paper this autumn.

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