Smoking Tricks and Tips


Snap Inhales

Snap smoke inhale

The “Snap Inhale” is a quite difficult method of smoking and some time will be required to learn it. Such smoking trip should be started from a deep breathing from your hookah, pipe, or cigarette.

After that, when you still keep the smoke in your mouth, raise your tongue upwards toward the roof of your mouth.  Then, keep your lips opened a little bit and snap your tongue down. Ultimately, let the smoke get out of your mouth for a minute before you rapidly inhale.  Snap inhale is one a pleasant looking trick!


French Inhales

French smoke inhale

French Inhale is considered to be a very impressive tip of smoking. Using this technique you will show that you are a pro in smoking. First of all, inhale a good amount of smoke. Next, just open your mouth a bit allowing the smoke float out slowly. Then, inhale a little bit that smoke through your nose.  If you do it right, the smoke will gradually float out of your mouth and straight into your nose.

After the first impressive hit, you can inhale the rest of the smoke into your mouth or to smoke through your nose until the hit is absolutely finished.


Mouth Nose Inhale

Mouth-nose smoke inhale tip

Mouth-nose inhale tip does not have a definite technique of smoking. So, there are two different ways and you may choose one of them:

As it was with the previous tips, you should begin with inhaling a nice hit from your smoking utensil. After that, exhale the smoke through your mouth, but switch to a nose exhalation half way through (while continuing to exhale through your mouth).

The second way is starting the exhalation through your nose and then switching to a mouth exhalation together with exhalation through your nose.


Smoke Ring

Man making smoke rings

In order to manage to do smoke rings, a smoker should have the patience as this tip is considered to be the most difficult. Take a hit, but do not inhale the smoke. Let the smoke flow around your mouth. Then, put your lips into the shape of a letter “O”. Next, rapidly vent some of the smoke by means of your tongue as when you exhale. There will result a small puff of smoke in the shape of a ring.

The size of the ring can be changed by varying the amount of space between lips.

Ultimately, when you become a professional in making of smoke rings, you may be able to push out a large ring and then rapidly make a smaller ring speeding through the center of the large ring.

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Smoking Tricks and Tips
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