Why do we start smoking?

There can be several reasons to start smoking but basically everyone can be reduced to one: we smoke because others do it. Although everyone of us has a particular story about his beginnings in this addiction, it seems to exist a common pattern (with variations, of course). Except for some few exceptions, nobody wants to be a regular or heavy smoker. Nobody wants to have the obligation of smoke every day, rains or not, like us or not.

Why do we still smoking

Why do we still smoking

But at the very beginning, you only want to smoke when want to do it. You want to control and decide when to smoke, not that the nicotine dictates this to you. At the beginning you feel or think (wrongly) that you control it.

Now you are a casual smoker. You only smoke, for example, at weekends, some cigarette in the afternoon or something like that.

But in the next days, weeks, months or even years you will increase your smoking. Some day you will realize that its not enough with the cigarettes that your friends borrow to you at the weekend (and you will also realize that they doesn’t look very happy every time you ask them for a cigarette, you are no longer a nice non-smoker who smoked his/her first or second cigarette and that was funny for the group) and you will buy your first pack. Now you are buying a pack per week, then two, three…

If you are not a heavy smoker, you’d be smoking a half pack per day during years but although you don’t smoke very much, it’s still damaging your health and you may feel difficult to give up. Don’t worry. You can stop it. Is not that hard.

If you are a heavy smoker, your smoking is maybe increasing year trough year. You may be smoking two, three, four or more packs a day.

Did you dream giving it up but thought that it’d be more difficult to you because you are more hooked to tobacco addition? No way! Just feel good because it’s not more difficult for you.

In some aspects it’s maybe easier. You have other advantages over the casual or light smokers like been more conscious of the effect of the tobacco on you and because of this you are more convinced and want to quit more that the others.

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