Stoptober 2012 in England: 350,000 Attempts to Quit Smoking


Drug and Alcohol Dependence published a research which revealed that in Stoptober 2012 in England participated 350,000 people wanting to quit.

Stoptober is the project implemented by Public Health England. Its main goal is to  encourage smokers to quit smoking by setting them a real and achievable goal (quitting smoking for 28 days).

There was used data from a survey conducted in England in which took part smokers and former smokers between 2007 and 2012. The researchers analyzed the number of people attempting to quit smoking during Stoptober in comparison to other times of the year.  They found that 50% more smokers tried to quit during Stoptober 2012 than in other times of the year. Totally the talk is about 350,000 people attempting to quit smoking. Researchers told that generally

Stoptober is cost-effective because it is estimated that almost 10,400 years of life were saved at a cost of only £550 annually.

The obtained data demonstrates that Stoptober resulted in a great increase in the number of people quitting smoking in England. There was spent £5.8 million on this smoking cessation campaign led by the Department of Health and it is a good investment.

The Stoptober aims to build a positive social movement that encourages people to change their attitude towards smoking. The main aspect of the campaign is to stop smoking for 28 days, which will help people to stop completely smoking.

Stoptober showed its effectiveness and therefore the program will continue to work. Today smoking is leading risk factor for development of a number of diseases. It is important to note that past smoking cessation programs were not as effective as Stoptober.

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