Struggle for Cigars

Associated Press reported that cigar lovers are fighting for that they were allowed to smoke in enclosed spaces, explaining that cigars are fundamentally different from cigarettes and do not cause such harm. More and more U.S. states meet their needs. At this time, 13 states, including New York, have made an exception for cigar bars.

burning cigars

burning cigars

According to the Joe Arundel, President of the Cigar Association of Washington, cigar smokers do not want to expose nonsmoking people to smoke, but they do not understand why they can not get together and smoke cigars in the community who share their passion. Earlier there were cigar bars and hotels in Washington, but a complete ban on smoking inside public buildings in 2005 put an end to it. Nevertheless, this year cigar lovers, finally, have closed to success: a bill that would admit to open at least a certain number of bars and inns was filed in the Washington legislature.

Their main opponent is the Department of Health, which opposes any change in the law. According to the Department of Health, the law protects the health of all people, especially those who work in bars and restaurants, so it should not force employees to choose between what to sacrifice: the work or their health. It is difficult, however, to imagine that to work in one of the few (hundred in the entire state) bars, where people smoke cigars, will lead someone to death by starvation in case of the bill enactment.

It will be remembered that after the smoking ban putting into operation not only lovers of cigars, but also ordinary smokers in America and European countries began to seek ways to violate the interfering law. For example, owners of bars in Germany have invented many different ways: they make holes in the walls of their restaurants so as to visitors could smoke “on the street” not getting up. Some restaurant owners put “smoking tent” right in the restaurant and one owner even created a “church” and called smoking one of the necessary rituals.

However, bar owners in Minnesota are struggling with the ban on smoking by law exemptions for the actors involved in theatrical performances. The first such opportunity was used by Brian Bauman, the owner of the “Rock” bar in the town of Marlwood. He allowed visitors to smoke, saying that “thus visitors play themselves, but till October 1”, that is till the ban putting into force, and called the idea “Prior to the ban.” Now this way of struggling with the law is used in many institutions of the state. Many bar owners even hung plaques above the door “Entrance for actors”, offer visitors to play the scene which is named “Tobacco monologue” and give visitors costumes.

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Struggle for Cigars
Cigar lovers are fighting for permission to smoke in enclosed spaces.


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