Super-slim brand Esse

According to the survey, nowadays the most popular cigarette brand in the world is KT&G super-slim brand Esse.

Since super-slim cigarettes are popular, Korean KT&G prevails in its Esse brand, which has still occupied the leading position.

Esse cigarettes

KT&G Company informs that 42 billion cigarettes of Esse were sold last year. This comprises 44% growth from 2009. In that year 29.2 billion cigarettes were sold.

Among other things, the Seoul-headquartered outfit multiplied by two its exportations of Esse from 11.2 billion cigarettes in 2009 to 20.8 billion past year. Now, in comparison with its opponents – Virginia Slims and Vogue – Seoul-headquartered outfit is in the lead.

According to latest data, in 2009 Esse increased up the selling of 29.2 billion cigarettes by contrast with 17 billion cigarettes for Virginia Slim and 11 billion for Vogue.

Esse beginning was in 1996. Nowadays Esse is the worldwide brand. Esse cigarettes are sold approximately in 40 states including the Middle East and Russia.

Specifically, at present Esse is sold best of all in Uzbekistan, Indonesia and Iran. Consumption rate of Esse cigarettes is 10 % in Russia.

KT&G showed Esse opportunities at diverse events in order to achieve the title of global brand.

At the present time, the local consumption of super-slim cigarettes comprises 85 percent.

Esse Soun brand made its debut in 2006 and during only eight days it reached a peak selling 10 million packs in the shortest period in the history of the company.

As well, Esse prides itself upon other sub brands such as the premium Esse Golden Leaf and Esse Edge which is destined for young smoking people.

Huh Up, who manages company’s world businesses, said that in addition to exporting Esse outside the country, they set up a number of manufactories in other countries to produce output of regional significance.

Further to Esse, they have set themselves the task of becoming the authentic global player and worldwide celebrated brand through energetic efforts.

Really, last October KT&G transferred approximately $100 million so as to establish line of products of Esse in the Kaluga region, which is situated nearly 160 kilometers of south of Moscow.

The manufactories produce 4.6 billion cigarettes annually intending for the smokers of the universe second-largest market with regard to sales.

Furthermore, KT&G also controls opened in early 2008 cigarette manufactories in Turkey and Iran, with a united yearly output of 5.6 billion cigarettes.

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