Super Slim Mild Seven Cigarettes for Japanese Market

Japan Tobacco Inc. has announced that two super slim-sized products, ”Mild Seven Style Plus 6” and ”Mild Seven Style Plus One,” will go on sale across Japan in mid-January 2012.

The Mild Seven lineup features smooth cigarettes with clean finish, meeting the diverse consumer needs including tar levels and forms. It is one of JT’s biggest brands, consistently enjoying the highest share of Japanese domestic sales.

Mild Seven Advertising

Mild Seven cigarettes advertising

Consumer needs are becoming increasingly diverse in the Japanese cigarette market, having specific preferences not only for flavour and aroma, but for packaging as well. There is a rapidly growing demand for super slim-sized products in particular. To meet consumer demands, JT will be launching the super slim-sized ”Mild Seven Style Plus 6” and ”Mild Seven Style Plus One” as part of the Mild Seven brand.

In announcing the planned launch, Japan Tobacco said that consumer needs were becoming increasingly diverse and that, in particular, there was a rapidly growing demand for super-slim products.

The new products, which are 17 mm in circumference, have a specially designed tobacco blend.

Their paper is treated with a proprietary JT process designed to reduce the smoke emitted from lit ends, and they boast ‘D-spec’ technology to reduce unpleasant cigarette smells.

These new super slim-sized products are highly portable by virtue of their thin and compact packaging. On top of this, the Mild Seven touch has been added with stylish finishes that feature curves brimming with light, expressing the symbolic instant when the static dashingly transforms into the dynamic. The new products maintain the Mild Seven tradition of smooth cigarettes with clean finish, while also bringing consumers rich taste by using an originally developed tobacco blend. What is more, the cigarette paper rolled around the cut tobacco is treated with proprietary JT processes designed to reduce the visible smoke emitted from the end of the cigarette, in addition to applying JT’s own D-spec technology that reduces unpleasant cigarette smells, thereby giving consumers a refined smoking experience.

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