Sweet Flavored Cigars

The unique product in the cigar industry is considered to be flavored cigars.  Of course all cigars are flavored in some measure as the all possess a flavor. However, those cigars that are categorized as flavored cigars as a rule have a flavored enhancement that tinctures some flavor to the cigar and usually it is nontobacco flavor. The common flavors for this cigar category are sweet flavors.


Flavored Cigars

A display case with flavored cigars

It is unclear till now how the flavored cigar appeared and developed, but it is known that flavored cigar has been around for a long time.

A flavored cigar is manufactured by a classic process – a flavored element is added to the curing process of the tobacco used to make the cigar.

Flavored Cigar Process

For example, if to put and soak the tobacco leaves in a mixture based on vanilla, it will allow the tobacco to absorb the vanilla flavor. Then when a cigar smoker smokes the flavored vanilla tobacco, he will experience a unique but remarkable vanilla flavor.

Some cigars are considered flavored as the filler tobacco is flavored; other cigars are flavored as the wrapper tobacco is flavored.  Tobacco cigars with flavored wrapper provide a flavored lip contact to the smoker, but the cigars with flavored filler gives the smoke a flavored sense.

Machine Made Flavored Cigars

For a longest time the flavored cigars were considered to be cheaper cigars that are made by means of machines.  The flavored cigars were manufactured in large amounts and usually flavored with artificial components. Flavored cigars were not estimated as premium cigars for a long time because they contained artificial ingredients. But as it is known artificial ingredients in a premium cigar decrease the value and prestige of the cigar.

However, not long ago the flavored cigar market was enriched by some premium hand made cigar companies. These companies have unique technique in flavoring of cigars. They use natural ingredients in the curing process to give a cigar a flavored quality.

As a rule most machine made cigars are flavored with apple, cherry, peach, vanilla or some other flavors, but the premium hand made versions are flavored with amaretto, whiskeys, coffee, Irish cream, or other more luxurious flavors.

Cigar Smoking Beginners

As a rule cigar smoking beginners try to smoke flavored cigars. However, it is widely known that the difference between a flavored cigar and other cigars is vast.

It should be noted that a flavored cigar should not be stored in the same humidor as other cigars as the flavored features of a flavored cigar is likely to affect the other non flavored cigars in the humidor.

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