Swiss Homes Where Perfume and Smoking are Banned

Switzerland Apartment

Is there any place in the world where there is no tobacco smoke, sweet smell of perfume and cell pnones? Yeah, you may find it in Switzerland!

On the peripheries of Zurich is found a 15-unit apartment building built to help individuals who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

This building is first of its kind in European Union and its cost is around $6.9 million. The idea was to create a healthy environment for people to avoid such triggers as electromagnetic radiation and cigarette smoke.

Switzerland Apartment

This place is created just to make people’s daily lives more comfortable and is not intended to treat tobacco addiction and other health problems.
The authorities of Zurich donated the territory and helped Living Foundation and Healthy Life with funding the project.

In order to make the building totally free chemicals, the workers were not permitted to smoke or use any kind of perfume, because presence of those elements can cause in sensitive people headaches, fainting and even vomiting.

In the building there are no electromagnetic frequencies such as wireless equipment and electrical circuits, that can also affect hypersensitive people.

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