Cuban Cigar Smoking

Cigars expected to be targeted by FDA regulation

The Food and Drug Administration is ready to regulate cigars Almost four years after it started regulating cigarettes, the Food and Drug Administration is ready to expand its goal to a broader range of...
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Flavored Tobacco products

Sales of flavored tobacco products jump

Ann Marie Bossard, co-owner of the Anthracite Newstand in Wilkes-Barre, has found the sales of flavored tobacco products increase as the cost of cigarettes has jumped. Youth and women are the major customers. Flavored...
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Flavored cigars

Sweet Flavored Cigars

The unique product in the cigar industry is considered to be flavored cigars.  Of course all cigars are flavored in some measure as the all possess a flavor. However, those cigars that are categorized...
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Cigars Pile

Selling flavored tobacco products could be prohibited in Miami-Dade

Flavored tobacco products, a favorite of high school kids, could be prohibited from sale in Miami-Dade County. Commissioners on Tuesday are scheduled to take a preliminary vote that could lead to Miami-Dade...
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Sexy Smoking

Who is still smoking in Canada?

Smoking rates continue to drop and have led to a decline in cancer death rates, but a sizable number of Canadians continue to light up. In fact, some anti-smoking advocates are concerned about the rise...
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