Plain Cigarettes packs

New Zealand Considering Plain Packaging Law

Anti-smoking activists in New Zealand want the Government to accelerate implementation of plain cigarette packaging law. First country that introduced standard packs for cigarettes is Australia. Then...
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Cigarette Pack

Tobacco Companies in the UK Against Plain Packs

Tobacco companies in the UK want to attack report about health benefits of cigarettes plain packaging. The report is written by chief  paediatrician Cyril Chantler and is going to be published this week....
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Plain Cigarette Pack

Demand for action against glitzy cigarette packaging

In the Rochdale a lot of parents expressed their intention to guard kids from smoking habit. They signed up to maintain the enactment of plain cigarette packaging at the weekend. Everywhere parents were...
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Only Cigarettes

WTO challenge to plain packaging in the offing

Australia might face a complaint at the World Trade Organization (WTO) over its decision to ban trademarks and logos on tobacco products, according to a Bloomberg story quoting unidentified people with...
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