Smoking in Singapore

Singapore Plans to Create Designated Areas for Smokers

National Environment Agency (NEA) in Singapore wants to make the city totally smoke-free but to allow use of cigarettes in special designated zones. Thus smokers will not be discrimintaed. The plan is...
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Smoking in China

350 Million Smokers in China

In China there are almost 350 million smokers. When you are in Chinese bars and restaurants you will probably think that the number of smokers are higher. According to data released recently by the National...
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Tax Increase Would Affect Low-Income Smokers

In Australia a group of doctors are warned about new tobacco tax that comes into action from December 1. They say it would affect most of all low-income people and people with mental diseases.  The tobacco...
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Smoking Girl

Tax Increases Help Reduce Smoking Habits

In accordance with a new research, as cigarette taxes raise, heavier smokers are likely to reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked. Woman exhaling cigarette smoke Washington University School of Medicine...
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Hot Smoking

UC researchers calculate the cost of smoking

With the price of cigarettes caused by increase again on New Year’s Day, University of Canterbury scientists are examining ratings of smokers regarding the price of their smoking today and their smoking...
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Smoking lady

Anti-tobacco group examines ‘smoker’s licence’

A suggested smoker’s licence could find people obligated to have a test and pay a charge before they are permitted to buy cigarettes. The licence, suggested by Sydney University professor of public health...
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Smoking Pub

UK customers more likely to visit pubs following smoking ban

Smoking ban in the UK was implemented in 2007. Since then one-fifth of customers appear visiting pubs more often, in accordance with a new study in which about 5,000 people took part. Market Force Information,...
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Smoking Japanese

Smokers find new haven in Japan, but for a price

Formerly the Japanese could smoke freely in workplaces, restaurants, bars, on the street, and even at any place. The low price of cigarettes and the ever-present vending machines made Japan as a paradise...
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Smoking Black Woman

Filipinos among World’s Top Smokers

Despite many laws that restrict smoking, Filipino smoking men are among the top smokers in the world being on the ninth place following India and China among others, American Cancer Society and World Lung...
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Many Women Smoke During Pregnancy in Marathon County

Pregnant woman smoking a cigarette Experts in Marathon County are sharing some shocking news about the number of women using tobacco during pregnancy. The data, from the Marathon County Life Report, says...
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