Smoking ib Car

UK: No More Smoking in Cars in Presence of Kids

In the UK starting from October 1, 2015, comes into effect legislation which bans smoking in cars where young people under 18 are present. The new anti-smoking law aims to protect yonger generations from...
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Russian Woman Smoking

Smoking in Russia

When it comes to smoking, Russia is the second world’s leader in tobacco consumption after China. Russia is largest tobacco market with 25% smoking women and 60% smoking men. In order to reduce...
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Philippines Smoker

Activists in Philippines Push Tighter Tobacco Control

Health Justice Philippines and Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance reveals data that each hour ten people in Philippines die from a smoking-realted disease. Dr. Mary Assunta  claims that the numbers...
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Singapore Teens

Singapore Fights Smoking in Schools

Seems like in Singapore things with youth smoking become worse as more schools start using special detection devices to prevent students from smoking cigarettes. Legal age to start smoking in the country...
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Smoking Old Man

Malaysia: Teachers-Parents Collabotation Will Fight Smoking

In order to influence young people to not pick up smoking habit, it is necessary to create an environment where school authorities could collaborate with student’s parents. Dr Ismail Ali, head of ...
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Smoking and Drinking Rates Dropped Among Youth in the UK

Latest research by Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) in the UK suggests that over the past 10 years youth rates of drinking, smoking and drug use have significantly dropped. In the present...
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Indonesian Smoker

Indonesia: Graphic Warnings on Packs are Ineffective

According to Indonesian Consumer Foundation (YLKI), graphic warnings which demonstrate health effects of tobacco use on cigarette packs do not help to reduce smoking rates in Indonesia.  This information...
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Philippines to Introduce Graphic Health Warnings on Packs

In Philippines, House of Representatives proposed a law which will obligate tobacco products to have a picture-based warnings on its packages. The measure is expected to discourage people from smoking. The...
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Scotland: Campaign to Encourage People not to Smoke Near Kids

Individuals smoking near kids are main target of public health campaign to create a tobacco-free generation.  Scottish Government says that it was estimated that in the UK secondhand smoke causes annually...
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Smoking Woman

China: More Women Smoking in Shanghai

It was announced on the health conference that the number of smoking women in Shanghai has increased significantly in recent years. Shanghai International Lung Cancer Forum reported that only 3.7% of...
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