Are Tobacco Companies Targeting Youth?

Tomorrow, on November 20, USA launches 39th edition of annual Great American Smokeout to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle without smoking in order to prevent development of smoking related...
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Cigarette Pack

Tobacco Companies in the UK Against Plain Packs

Tobacco companies in the UK want to attack report about health benefits of cigarettes plain packaging. The report is written by chief  paediatrician Cyril Chantler and is going to be published this week....
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Bulgaria: Cigarette Prices to Increase by 30%

Due to new minimum excise duty rates introduced by the EU, Bulgaria plans to rise prices on top selling cigarette brands by BGN 1 – 1.20 per pack.  The Bulgarian daily 24 Hours writes that by the...
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Many Cigarettes

Cigarette makers see profits go up in smoke on higher costs

Indonesia’s openly listed tobacco companies are fighting to gain earnings despite public health programs and pressure from raised production expenditures on their bottom lines. The Indonesian Stock Exchange...
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Plain Cigarette Pack

Demand for action against glitzy cigarette packaging

In the Rochdale a lot of parents expressed their intention to guard kids from smoking habit. They signed up to maintain the enactment of plain cigarette packaging at the weekend. Everywhere parents were...
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Cigarettes Pile

The tobacco industry by the numbers

Tobacco companies are switching to survival mode amid stifling regulation and a growing illicit market. Still, research shows that more than 7.7-million South African adults consume 11.4 cigarettes a...
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Altria PMI

High Yielding Dividends From Altria and Philip Morris

Dividend paying companies have gaining popularity in the markets in 2012. With interest rates as low as they are investors are looking at dividend paying stocks for investment income, where returns currently...
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Smoking Movies

Tobacco companies getting creative

The Philippine health department saw through the unbelievably numerous scenes depicting smoking in the movie, “Manila Kingpin: The Untold Story of Asiong Salonga.” It is, an agency official...
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Tobacco sponsorship ban to cripple Russian charities

Charities in Russia face losing millions of dollars a year, as the Health Ministry is drafting a law banning charity donations from tobacco companies. The new legislation is part of Russia’s major anti-tobacco...
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Australia cigarette pack branding ban moves closer

Australia’s parliament has passed two bills moving the nation closer to becoming the first to introduce plain cigarette packaging in a move Health Minister Nicola Roxon Thursday called “courageous”. The...
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