Smoking Woman

Proposal to Ban Flavored Tobacco in Canada

Canadian Health Minister Doug Currie proposed to ban use of candy-flavoured tobacco products in the country.  Currie told he sent a letter with his proposal to Health Canada.  James Aylward, the representative...
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pack of cigarettes

Study Shows Progress in Reducing Tobacco Sales to Minors

A report reveals that in 2012 the average rate of tobacco sales to minors in the USA was 9.1% while it was expected 20%. The state and federal efforts to abolish tobacco sales to children are working...
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tobacco plant

Government Tax on Tobacco Plants in the UK

Those who cultivate tobacco in the UK may pay a penalty if  they do not pay duty on their crop. Some smokers do buy tobacco seeds from such firms as The Tobacco Seed Company and Plantation House in order...
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Putin Wants to Direct Part of Tobacco Taxes to Healthcare

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, asked the finance and health ministries to develop a scheme of directing a part of excises accumulated on tobacco products to the healthcare sector. The concept...
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Tobacco Cigarettes

EU’s new tobacco products directive could cause 19,000 job losses in Romania

Romania is one of the EU countries which stand to lose the most if the proposed revisions of the current EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) will pass, according to a Roland Berger study commissioned by...
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Women smoking cigars

New smokeless tobacco products target youth

The new smokeless tobacco products are brightly colorful, smell great and look like candy – the ideal mixture to appeal to youth, Rock County anti-tobacco advocates state. Cigars Smoking Women With...
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Smoking Cigarette

New Zealand plans removing brand logo from cigarette packs

New Zealand intends to make cigarette makers take away their logos from cigarette packages but will wait until a challenge to an identical Australian law is determined. The law concerning packaging supposes...
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Java Jazz Festival 2013

Craig David abused for cigarette company-sponsored concerts

On March, 1, anti-tobacco and child rights campaigners in Indonesia abused worldwide music stars for willing to take part at a jazz festival for which a cigarette company is the major sponsor. The Indonesian...
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Cigarette Smoking Brunette

Cigarette companies targeting women with feminine packaging

Irish women are under pressure from cigarette companies who are targeting feminine cigarette packaging at young and old smokers. Half of poor, young women smoke cigarettes, and are bothered of smoking...
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Cigarette Lines

Cigarette warning labels to implement in Europe

Germans are currently informed that smoking is harmful to their health and to those near them. It was claimed that in the near future, pictures of smokers’ harmed anatomies will replace thousands...
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