Smoking African Woman

Tobacco Use in Zimbabwe

In 2014, Zimbabwe got $773 million from sales of cigarettes which were mainly consumed by smokers in China. The country itself tries to reduce tobacco consumption at home because today thousands Zimbabweans...
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Smoking and Alcohol

Many Chechs Tolerate Tobacco Use

Scientists were surprised to know that one-third of respondents consider that regular use of tobacco is acceptable. Good news is that the majority of respondents told they do not accept and tolerate the...
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Are Tobacco Companies Targeting Youth?

Tomorrow, on November 20, USA launches 39th edition of annual Great American Smokeout to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle without smoking in order to prevent development of smoking related...
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Thailand: High Smoking Rates Among Taxi Drivers

  A study by human rights association in Thailand revealed that almost 90 percent of people with low-income have low quality of life, show tendency to smoke cigaretets and have debts. According to...
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Tobacco Use Declines in Peru

Euromonitor International, private market intelligence company based in London, published a new report, which reveals that in 2013 volume sales of cigarettes in Peru were reduced. The report has totally...
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India: 12% of Teens in Uttarakhand State Use Tobacco

A study found that around 12% of teens across Uttarakhand state in India do use tobacco products. On Friday, September 5, Uttarakhand Youth Tobacco Survey released a report on using tobacco among young...
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Smoking in China

China Produces More Cigarettes

In China, State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA) this week released data which shows that in the first half of 2014 cigarette makers in the country produced more cheapest cigarettes in spite of...
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Smoking Woman

Czech Republic to Regulate Tobacco Use in the Country

In the European Union the only country that allows smoking in restaurants is the Czech Republic. However, in the nearest future the things will change as the country is going to adopt a new anti-smoking...
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Smoking Man

Nigeria: No Plan To Ban Tobacco Smoking

Last week the Nigerian House of Representatives told that it had no plans to prohibit tobacco smoking in the country. However, they are looking for ways to regulate the production and marketing the tobacco...
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African Smoker

Nigerian Anti-Tobacco Activists Want High Tobacco Taxes

The experience of many countries worldwide demonstrates that cigarettes tax increase leads to decline in smoking rates. Tobacco products in Nigeria are so cheap that anyone may afford himself buying cigarettes,...
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