Zimbabwe: Reforestation Programme for Tobacco Farmers

The reforestation programme is meant to fight huge deforestation in Zimbabwe caused by the increased number of small tobacco farms.  The tobacco growers are expected to contribute an amount equivalent...
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Michigan to Reduce Smoking Among Youth

Michigan Youth Risk Behavior Survey made in 2011 reveals that 14% of Michigan youth smoke cigarettes while 7.6% use smokeless tobacco.  The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids claims that each year 15,200...
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pack of cigarettes

Study Shows Progress in Reducing Tobacco Sales to Minors

A report reveals that in 2012 the average rate of tobacco sales to minors in the USA was 9.1% while it was expected 20%. The state and federal efforts to abolish tobacco sales to children are working...
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Zero Style Mint Tobacco

Japan Tobacco to launch two variations of snus

Japan Tobacco said on June 13 it is releasing two variations of snus under its Zerostyle smokeless tobacco series. The variations will possess regular and mint flavours. Zero Style Mint smokeless tobacco The...
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Tobacco Plant

Tobacco production to raise 18 percent

Zimbabwe’s tobacco outcome is calculated to go up by 18% in 2013 to 170 million kilogrammes, Finance Minister Tendai Biti has reported. “In relation to tobacco, result is estimated to rise from...
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Smoking lady

Anti-tobacco group examines ‘smoker’s licence’

A suggested smoker’s licence could find people obligated to have a test and pay a charge before they are permitted to buy cigarettes. The licence, suggested by Sydney University professor of public health...
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Barack Obama Thumb

Obama administration to push for eliminating smoking on college campuses

President Barack Obama has already guaranteed not to smoke cigarettes in the White House. If his administration maintains its way, American college students will in the near future be demanded to follow...
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Burning Cigarette

Cigarette design and manufacture

About filters The cellulose acetate pull in a filter is a net of fibres made from wood pulp. During producing, the filter material comes as a single long piece of over 10,000 fibres pushed into large 750...
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Camel Snus

Cigarette Advertising Is on the Increase Again

Cigarette advertising came back to the magazine business with a vengeance in Q1 2012, up 11 percent to 160 pages, according to MagazineRadar. The rest of the magazine ad business is in decline. Camel Snus Tobacco...
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Tobacco Plant

World Tobacco Atlas rings alarm bells for India

NEW DELHI: Expanse of tobacco cultivation in India is large enough to house over 4.81 lakh soccer fields. Tobacco is grown in 124 countries, occupying 3.8 million hectares of agricultural land. Tobacco...
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