Teens in Canada Support Ban on Flavoured Tobacco Products

Menthol Cigarettes

A poll conducted in December in British Columbia showed a great youth support for ban on flavoured tobacco products. This fact made British Columbia, Yukon and the Canadian Cancer Society, demand for a ban on flavoured tobacco products in BC.

The Angus Reid poll showed that 81% of BC teenagers aged15-18 do agree that the BC government should adopt a law bannig all tobacco products with candy and fruit flavours in order to lower tobacco use among young people. 74% of British Columbians over 18 support the ban. Totally in survey particiapted more than 1,100 teenagers and adults.

Kathryn Seely, Director, Public Issues, Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon, says that the figures speak about the fact that people want flavoured tobacco products to be banned in BC. Children in BC should be protected from marketing practices of the tobacco industry which uses beautiful cigarette packs to attract youth.

National Non-Smoking Week is a perfect time to speak more about the effects of smoking and ways to reduce smoking rates.

In Canada are sold many types of flavoured tobacco products such as menthol cigarettes, water pipe tobacco, smokeless tobacco. Flavours include mint, strawberry, chocolate, cherry, peach. They help to reduce the harsh effects of cigarette smoke making it smooth. Namely this attracts youth.

A survey released in autumn found that 53% of young tobacco users (30,500  students) in BC had used flavoured tobacco products. British Columbia with 13% has lowest smoking rates in Canada. However, tobacco use is still causes a number of diseases in BC.

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