Tobacco Advertising Research Assignment

Virginia Slims Phillip Morris

  1. The main message of the Virginia Slims ads is that if women smoke these cigarettes, they will become independent, beautiful, thin women in control.
  2. The Virginia Slims ads are always of fashionable, pretty and thin models. These women always look powerful, independent and gorgeous. This makes the viewer think that if they smoke Virginia Slims the will also become all those things.
  3. Virginia Slims cigarette

    Virginia Slims cigarette

  4. Virginia Slims uses the technique of slogans. They have had a few, and each one implies some type of independence or contrast to men. The first slogan “You’ve come a long way, baby!” was introduced in the late 1960’s. This slogan insinuates the fact that women have grown more independent and gained more rights throughout the years, Virginia Slims being one of those rights. Although it is true that women have come a long way, having a cigarette tailored especially for women wouldn’t exactly fit into that list of achievements. They’re newer slogans “it’s a woman thing” and “find your voice” were introduced in the 1990’s. The former of the two suggests distinction from men. This slogan is meant to make women feel liberated and uncontrolled by men. The latter is suggesting independence as well, but more as a whole and not just from men. This slogan implies that if a woman smokes she will be in control, but in reality if a woman were to smoke she would lose her control, and her voice, to a nicotine addiction.
  5. Ads of Virginia Slims cigarettes

    Ads of Virginia Slims cigarettes

  6. With Virginia Slims they are selling a very glamorous and empowered lifestyle.
  7. Especialy for woman

    Especialy for woman

  8. According to this ad, if a woman smokes, she will not only gain control and independence, but she may even lose some of that excess weight.
  9. V slims ads

    V slims ads

  10. The women in these ads are always very fashionable and attractive. They always look like they are incredibly powerful and happy. And in these ways the ads create a charming and sophisticated ambience.
  11. Virginia Lights

    Virginia Lights

  12. The women in the Virginia Slims ads are always pulchritudinous and delicate, but still have an air of strength to them. They are often in sophisticated or flamboyant outfits (depending on the slogan; “it’s a woman thing” ads are often more flamboyant, whereas “you’ve come a long way, baby!” and “find your voice” are more sophisticated.
  13. Virginia slims advertisement

    Virginia slims advertisement

  14. The theme of the Virginia Slims ad is control.
  15. For beautiful woman

    For beautiful woman

  16. There is not a cool factor in Virginia Slims.
  17. Slims ads

    Slims ads

  18. There are no facts in the Virginia Slims ads to promote that smoking is safe.

The Marlboro Man Phillip Morris

Marlboro country

Marlboro country

  1. The main message in the Marlboro ad is that people who smoke cigarettes, like the Marlboro man, are rugged, adventurous and independent.
  2. Marlboro cigarette

    Marlboro cigarette

  3. The Marlboro Man ads are always of one or more rough looking cowboys out in nature with only a horse and a cigarette. This makes the viewer believe that Marlboro cigarettes will bring about feelings of self-reliance and dauntless robust when smoked.
  4. Marlboro ads

    Marlboro ads

  5. Because Marlboro cigarettes were filtered they had a reputation of being feminine. So, in an attempt to win over more of the male population, the Marlboro Man was born. The Marlboro Man was a figure of rebellion and manliness. The Marlboro men were not always cowboys. They would be any number of macho figures, performing manly tasks while puffing on a Marlboro, but in the end the Marlboro Cowboys remained the most profitable of characters. In 1964 the Marlboro man was re-introduced in his own world entitled “Marlboro Country”. With this, Phillip Morris showed the viewers that the Marlboro Man was his own man, in a world he owned. All of these techniques and tricks used by Phillip Morris paid off in 1972, when Marlboro became the number one tobacco brand in the world.
  6. Brokeback Moutain

    Brokeback Moutain

  7. The Marlboro man sells an extremely independent and macho lifestyle. A lifestyle where all a man needs is his own freedom, and a good cigarette.
  8. Formula 1 , ads Marlboro

    Formula 1 , ads Marlboro

  9. According to the Marlboro ads if you smoke their cigarettes you will become self-reliant and audacious.
  10. Marlboro cigaretee

    Marlboro cigaretee

  11. By having a rugged looking cowboy outside in the wild with a horse and a cigarette the Marlboro ad creates a very rough and free-spirited ambience.
  12. Marlboro cigarettes

    Marlboro cigarettes

  13. All of the men in the Marlboro ads are very rugged and manly. They are always doing something that displays masculinity; like fixing a car, hunting or of course riding a horse out in the wild.
  14. Cigarette Marlboro ads

    Cigarette Marlboro ads

  15. The theme of this ad is freedom and independence, while being macho and rugged.
  16. Marlboro country

    Marlboro country

  17. There is a cool factor.
  18. Marlboro cowboy

    Marlboro cowboy

  19. There are no facts to promote that Marlboro cigarettes are safe. In fact, two of the Marlboro cowboys, Wayne McLaren and David McLean, died of lung cancer.


From this assignment I learned that there is lost of controversy imbedded in smoking advertisements.

The fact that one of the Marlboro cowboys started up an anti smoking campaign only to die of lung cancer a year later or Virginia Slims telling women to “find their voice” when, in reality, everyone knows that smoking ruins your voice, are just some examples of this.

I also learned that these advertisements use very tricky techniques in order to lure their viewers into smoking. Now granted, most of the ads covered above were used in the 1960’s and 70’s, and the world has since learned just how dangerous smoking is. But still, every year people fall into the malevolent clutches of the tobacco industry.

Personally I do not find something that can kill me all that appealing. I do not smoke and try to avoid getting to close to anyone who does. The way people look at cigarettes is undoubtedly changing, and yet, there are still people everywhere that fall for smoking ads all the time.

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