Tobacco Prevention Programs Work in Alaska


Recently Alaska reported that this year state’s high school smoking rate dropped to just 10.6%. Since 2007 it generally dropped by 40%. It means that well-funded, sustained tobacco prevention programs do work.

Today smoking rate in high schools in Alaska is much below average in the USA that is 18,1%. This data is obtained from most recent survay performed in 2011 and called Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

In comparison with other U.S. states, Alaska achieved great success in reduction of tobacco use by introducing scientifically proven strategies. Besides this, Alaska benefits from the best-funded tobacco prevention programs in the country.

The state is number one for the past 3 years in the list of states who uses tobacco prevention programs and achieveg great success in this. Alaska is one of the few states in America that have funded tobacco prevention programs at or near rates that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended.

Tax on cigarettes in Alaska is $2 per pack and almost 50% of the state’s population is protected by local laws that prohibit smoking in bars, restaurants and other workplaces.  Alaska’s progress is a perfect example for other states, and the whole nation, that smoking rates may be reduced by investing in strategies that show thair effectiveness.

Also Florida has invested in tobacco prevention. The state recently reported that it has reduced high school smoking to only 8.6%. If each state in the USA reduced youth smoking to the same low rate as Florida, there would be 1.6 million fewer youth smokers in the country. To keep making progress and create a society free of tobacco, all states should invest in these life-saving programs.

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