Tobacco Use Among Homeless People

tobacco use

Though the number of smoking people in the USA has decreased, however, things remain the same among vulnerable and marginalized groups. Moreover, the numbers show that among them the use of tobacco is at high rates.

In One such groups there is the 2.3 to 3.5 million people who are homeless in any given year. Almost 3/4 of homeless people smoke cigarettes. An occurence 4 times that in the USA among. adult population and 2.5 times that among poor Americans in general.

Addictive and psychiatric conditions along with life circumstances of homeless people who smoke cigarettes met a passive attitude among health care providers toward addressing tobacco use in this population. Specialists consider that this approach must change.

Smoking-related diseased among homeless people occur at double the rate in comparison with housed people.

A study in which participated more than 28,000 adults was made at the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program in 2003 through 2008, showed that cancer was the second-leading cause of deaths among smokers aged 45 and above. Major problems of these people were malignant neoplasms of the trachea, bronchus, and lung.

This discovery underscores the excess burden of lung-cancer mortality in this category of people that has been documented elsewhere. A number of studies have shown high numbers of cases with circulatory and respiratory diseases among homeless people than among people with homes.

Many issues create challenges to reduce usage of tobacco and its consequences in this population. Homeless people who smoke cigarettes are highly nicotine dependent, they experience psychiatric symptoms, and coexisting substance-use disorders. In comparison with homeless people who do not smoke, they experinced also physical or sexual trauma. Many homeless people do not have health insurance and a usual source of care, which limits their access to quitting smoking therapies.

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