Tobacco Use in Zimbabwe

Smoking African Woman

In 2014, Zimbabwe got $773 million from sales of cigarettes which were mainly consumed by smokers in China. The country itself tries to reduce tobacco consumption at home because today thousands Zimbabweans are cigarette users.

Last year Savanna Tobacco and British American Tobacco Zimbabwe manufactured together nearly 3 billion cigarettes. It was estimated that Zimbabweans use around 10 million cigarettes daily.

Former Health Minister, Dr. Henry Madzorera, today is working for a private clinic. He considers that with the increasing world’s rejection from tobacco, the tobacco companies would focus on African markets. He is quite concerned that Africa may become next big market for tobacco industry.

He talks about the necessity to adopt laws which would ban tobacco advertising on newspapers and TV just like in most developed countries.

In their turn, health care providers talk about negative effects of smoking on the body and say it affects absolutely all parts of the human body. There exists no safe level of smoking and any amount of tobacco consumed is dangerous. Therefore, health care experts call for Zimbabweans to quit smoking.

Though there is no law in Zimbabwe banning tobacco ads, but smoking is not allowed in public spaces. It is very important to concentrate on the adequate enforcement as secondhand smoke is not safe for non-smokers.

In Zimbabwe tobacco is popular crop among local farmers and health experts say that tobacco also presents risks for them because they are directly subjected to nicotine.

In order to discourage people from smoking, the government often launches anti-smoking campaigns and plans to do it in future.

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